3rd Dimension: Ten Years After


In 1998, a bar along Gilmore in Greenhills opened its doors for the Filipino lesbian. First of its kind, 3rd Dimension, proved to be the hottest hangout for lesbians of different shapes and sizes.

3rd Dimension was a split-level structure with a bar at the ground floor and mezzanine that had a dance floor/performance area. Hosted by two good-looking mestizo gay men, 3rd Dimension opened the Pinoy lesbian’s eyes to a stripshow. Yep! There was a stripper every Saturday night. It caught the ire of feminists, true, yet many flocked to this watering hole to check out the show, meet up with friends, and dance the night away.

The 3rd Dimension crowd consist mostly of chatters: IRC, Gay.com, etc. Most were college age or yuppies in their mid-20s or early 30s. There were professionals, creative artsy-fartsy kinds, and jocks. 3rd Dimension welcomed everyone — lipstick lezzies, stone butches, soft butches, baby dykes, bi-curious, girl-next-door types, preppies, andros. It seemed as if every gay girl hung out in 3rd Dimension at least once in her whole lesbian existence. It was like one big, happy family yet there were still cliques and barkadas. It was a veritable Cheers bar, lesbian version. 

I bet a lot of love affairs had been formed in this bar; perhaps even more flings and hook ups that lasted barely weeks or months. And sadly, this place has seen a lot of heartaches and broken romances, too.

A few years back, 3rd Dimension moved to Libis, Quezon City. It was located on the second floor of one of the establishments bordering the affluent subdivisions. It had better parking, a bigger dance floor, and an improved bar. 

Yet, the crowd was different. Lesbians who frequented the Libis bar seemed to come from a differing generation and sub-culture. The Libis crowd seemed to follow the rainbow spectrum more stringently: some were girlier, some were more butch, some were more androgenous than what the Gilmore habitues were used to.  And definitely, they were all much, much younger than those who hung out at the Gilmore branch.

Still, I suppose it was just as fun and wild as it was. And I bet even more hook ups and heartbreaks were made and broken in Libis.

[At the same time that 3rd Dimension was in Libis, another lesbian bar opened in the gay central, Malate. Perhaps this is what defined the crowd from 3rd Dimension Gilmore.]

3rd Dimension Libis didn’t last long. Perhaps its regulars from way back Libis grew up or grew tired of the stripshows and the crowd. Perhaps they simply outgrew the whole bar scene. Nevertheless, 3rd Dimension will always be 3rd Dimension.



Friday, December 5, 9:00 p.m.

Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills
Contact Info
Phone: 09229712958
Email: third_dimension_ph@yahoo.com 

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