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On Cheating


From Lines by Lakambini Sitoy: “That summer I discovered how to live many lives: that you could be a totally different person in secret…”


In the last quarter of 2008, two friends of mine lamented on the shortage of femmes to date and asked me if I have anyone I can set them up with. Unfortunately for them, most of my femme friends are taken and are in happy relationships. One of them heartbreak kids would constantly tease me […]

Just when I thought that everyone my age is settling down, I hear another couple broke up. It’s really difficult when two people outgrow each other or realize that they’re very different from each other that they do not want to pursue the same path any longer. It’s never easy whether you’re straight or gay. […]

If you dare to answer this question, then good for you. It’s too soon to tell how the year will be for anyone so it’ll be awesome if you can foresee how this year will turn out for you. I wonder how it’ll be for other lesbians out there. With barely a week into the […]