How’s your 2009, so far?


If you dare to answer this question, then good for you. It’s too soon to tell how the year will be for anyone so it’ll be awesome if you can foresee how this year will turn out for you.

I wonder how it’ll be for other lesbians out there.

With barely a week into the new year, I’m still teeter-tottering on whether this will be a good or bad year. I remember 2007 starting off horribly — and I mean horribly in the worst possible way — but it ended marvelously. I’m not saying I’d want that this year (I don’t think I can handle anything horrible anymore) but hey, with the teeniest ounce of positivity I have in me today, I sure would want this whole year to be marvelous.

It seems so easy to say “Let bygones be bygones…” but it really isn’t as simple as spraying a can of bug spray on the bad stuff that comes your way. But yes, sometimes you really need to just leave the bad stuff behind.

That’s what I just realized I liked about new years — that you can leave stuff behind and say, “Oh, that’s so last year!”

But it only works when everyone on the team thinks and feels the same way. You can’t leave stuff behind and say, “Tata, bad stuff!” when other team players are still holding on to the bad.

So before I delve into the gruesome details of the “bad stuff,” let me leave you with these thoughts:

How was your 2008?

What would you like to leave in 2008?

What are you bringing into 2009?

How would you want this year to be?

Hope you (and I) have a better day. Here’s a little rainbow to guide your way.

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