On Cheating


I’m a big fan of Lakambini Sitoy. Below is a story of hers I found in the Net. It’s a short story about, well, cheating. Of course it’s about so much more but on the first reading, that’s simply what it seems to be about. I like short stories. They’re quick to read but teeming with meaning and interpretation.

Read the story here.


“That summer I discovered how to live many lives:
that you could be a totally different person
in secret…”
– from Lines by Lakambini Sitoy


What’s your take on cheating? Is there ever a kind of cheating that is excusable? What exactly constitutes cheating: a night of carnality and wantonness, of caresses, kisses, and gasps, a flirtatious exchange of words, a salacious glance, or a lustful thought?

Should one end a relationship if one’s partner has cheated, in whatever form or degree? Or is it ever okay to forgive and give another chance for repentance? Can a cheater actually change his (or her) ways? Better yet, can a relationship ever survive cheating?

Anyhoo, I’m a fangirl of Bing Sitoy. 🙂 When I grow up (or in my next life) I want to be able to write just like her. 😀


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