Lesbian Chefs and the Refined Tongue


Was watching “Chopped” on  cable this afternoon and one of the contestants was a butch-looking woman who had really short hair and was so ballsy compared to the other guy chefs. She’s the third butch-looking chef who’s joined that show and naturally, I was rooting for her.

Her “losing” dish was a pork stuffed eggplant dish with guacamole sauce with poblanos. The judges thought her dish was a “bold and brave decision” but the pork was undercooked and overly spicy. Too bad she didn’t have the chance to show what she can do with dessert. I think she would’ve done well there.

In my own circle of lesbian friends, I can name at least eight other people who love to cook.  These are not women who cook out of necessity but who sincerely have a passion for it. And well, we all love to eat anyway so this is a big bonus. 🙂

Which makes me wonder, are lesbians naturals in the kitchen? If we are, then is it because of our refined taste that has been developed by our, erm, constant use of our terminal sulcus (a.k.a. tongue)? 😀

Because, really, come to think of, these TV chefs are not known only for their kitchen skills but also for their bold tastes and unique recipe innovations.  Which means their taste buds are highly sensitive and well-developed.  Aside from this, it’s also interesting that these chefs are vibrant and dynamic personalities who are not just skilled chefs but are also smart, entertaining, and charismatic.

My own set of friends are just as smart, entertaining, and charismatic. 😀

So what do you think? Is it a mere coincidence or is it because of our common diet of…? 😀

Just a thought! 🙂


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