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If you’re looking for something to do on the evening of the 14th, there’s going to be an exclusive party in Quezon City. Details below [and please excuse the grammar mistakes, etc. I merely copy-pasted this announcement. I have nothing to do with the copy. Hahaha!]: = = = = = WOMEN ON TOP, ChangingLANE, […]

The One and I trooped over to Teatrino in Greenhills last Friday for the 3rd Dimension 10th Year Anniversary Reunion Party. After all the hype, the party turned out to be a dud. First of all, the posters and invites said that the party starts at 9 p.m. Yeah right! Lesbians coming out early at […]

In 1998, a bar along Gilmore in Greenhills opened its doors for the Filipino lesbian. First of its kind, 3rd Dimension, proved to be the hottest hangout for lesbians of different shapes and sizes. 3rd Dimension was a split-level structure with a bar at the ground floor and mezzanine that had a dance floor/performance area. […]