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For six years, my partner and I, along with some lez and straight friends, followed their lives. We scoured the Net for downloadable videos, links or torrents and DVD vendors just to see how their lives (and wardrobes) are turning out. We felt like they were our best friends, a part of our barkada, people […]

Currently watching Top Chef Season 4 and I’m psyched!!! There’s a lesbian couple, Jennifer Biesty and Zoi Antonitsas, who are competing against each other. Cooking couple? Let’s see if this will make or break their relationship. They’ve been together for three years, and as far as I know, tension and pressure can make or break […]

I love to eat and I love to cook. If I can do my life all over again, I’d go to college and then culinary school soon after — not law school or graduate school.┬áIn fact, I’m such a foodie that I happily watch cooking shows all day (and night!), take photos of practically every […]