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OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: SLO-PITCH SOFTBALL GAME ON JUNE 6, 2009 Everyone’s invited to join our slo-pitch softball game on Saturday, June 6, 2009, 9:00am. Don’t know anything about softball? Don’t have equipment? Need not worry just come in and prepare to have fun, we’ll do the rest 🙂 Our co-ed slo-pitch game will be at […]

My TV’s been tuned to Asian Food Channel for months because my broken remote control is lost and I’m a channel surfer who’s too lazy to channel surf without one. One night, I decided to end my late-night viewing misery by finally changing the channel from Chef at Home and Licence to Grill at midnight […]

I was chatting with a classmate from grade school sometime last week. She said that I post a lot of “lesbian stuff” on Facebook and if I were lesbian. I said yes. She said, “Oh. Well, you don’t look like a lesbian.” To which I replied, “Really? Why? What are lesbians supposed to look like?” […]

If you dare to answer this question, then good for you. It’s too soon to tell how the year will be for anyone so it’ll be awesome if you can foresee how this year will turn out for you. I wonder how it’ll be for other lesbians out there. With barely a week into the […]

Happy Lesbian Day to all women-loving-women out there! 🙂 Interestingly, today is also Immaculate Conception Day for Catholics. Don’t you find that ironic — that we celebrate being lesbian on the same day that the Virgin bore the Son of God? 😀 I don’t know about you people but with that, I think there’s something […]