Two days ago, a friend of mine was having a ball with Facebook Apps. She was answering quizzes left and right and posting comments about everything from the quizzes to the existence of God. I was surprised be her passionate replies and comments and even thought to myself, “She’s really quite smart and eloquent. She should be writing more.” But then she answered a poll on whether same-sex marriage must be allowed or not. She voted “No!”

I was surprised. I didn’t think her to be narrow minded, really. Neither did I think she was the type to discriminate. I thought her to be open minded, liberal and non-judgmental, particularly because of her upbringing. Nevertheless, she voted no.

I would’ve let it slip (which I initially did) but she still didn’t stop there. She posted her own comments as to why she was against same-sex marriage. To say that her reasons were shallow would be giving her too much credit. It was just plain absurd. Oh well.

Anyway, I found this post a while back and forgot to repost it. It’s a post about same-sex marriage and Prop8.


See you there!

See you there!

R-Rights in cooperation with UP Film Institute invites you to Rainbow Exchange 6: LBT Youth and Suicide, a forum on a study by Prof. Eric Manalastas, this June 20, 2009, Saturday, 1PM, Bernal Gallery, UP Film Center.


Everyone’s invited to join our slo-pitch softball game on Saturday, June 6, 2009, 9:00am.

Don’t know anything about softball? Don’t have equipment? Need not worry just come in and prepare to have fun, we’ll do the rest 🙂

Our co-ed slo-pitch game will be at the Meralco Softball Field on Saturday, June 6, 2009.

Warm-up starts at 9:00am and game starts at 10:00am.

Wear playing attire, cap and bring sunblock.

FEE: Php 150


If you’re shy, bring your friends and get ready to have fun. See you! The more the merrier!


For inquiries email or sms me at 0916-4371681.

For six years, my partner and I, along with some lez and straight friends, followed their lives. We scoured the Net for downloadable videos, links or torrents and DVD vendors just to see how their lives (and wardrobes) are turning out. We felt like they were our best friends, a part of our barkada, people whose lives we were as involved in as our own. But now their stories have ended, our own vicarious “glam dyke” lives come to a close. Showtime’s revolutionary show, The L Word, is on its last season.

My partner and I personally identify with Tina and Bette. Long-time partners who want nothing more but to start their own family, yet suffer from the occasional relationship pitfalls of infidelity, distrust, miscommunication and an excess of emotional baggage and issues. I’m her Bette, and she’s my Tina. Like Bette, I can be a control freak, oftentimes critical, demanding, and high maintenance. She’s Tina, patient, optimistic, and well-liked. They fall apart, move on to new relationships, yet in the end, they know that they only want each other for the rest of their lives. In the process of trying to keep their relationship, they lose themselves, find each other, and eventually, find their own selves apart from each other. Their love story tells us that the once perfect, blissful union apparently never is perfect but that in the end, there is nothing wrong about hoping — and trying to achieve that almost blissful union, despite many trials and errors. 

On the other hand, I think we’re pretty much like Alice and Tasha, too. We’re quite different, she and I, and like Alice and Tasha, there are not-so-good days when even the strongest TiBette love can shake. I’m bratty, catty and neurotic like Alice while she’s patient, even-tempered and thoughtful like Tasha. Despite our differences, I fight like Alice in keeping us together while she asks the high heavens for more patience in dealing with me. Hopefully, we’d be dancing the last dance until we’re old and gray.

There are other characters in the show whom we all can identify with one way or another, at some point in our lives. We all wanted to be Shane — or at some point, be Shane’s lover. Perhaps you wanted to be Carmen or wanted to do Carmen. Maybe you’re Papi. Or socially-maladjusted Helena, who sometimes used her money and charm to gain friends. Or perhaps you’re the needy, clingy, self-centered, and manipulative Jenny sometime in your life. (Poor you. Do you still have any friends left?) Better yet, you must be Kit Porter — fallen angel who’s managed to turn her life around to become motherhen for all.

More importantly, The L Word has brought us and exposed us to situations that we might not have known how to deal with, might not even be aware of, and dared us to tread through the unknown. It helped us confront common issues about being lesbian — self-acceptance, coming out, tolerance, acceptance, labeling, and stereotypes, among others. Aside from these, the show also dared to take us into tougher issues such as infidelity, gender identity, gay families, monogamy, societal acceptance, etc. But through all these, we traversed through a myriad of  basic human emotions and experiences that transcend genders and sex such as falling in and out of love and lust, creating friendships, going through a heartbreak and mending a broken heart, celebrating triumphs and victories both big and small, births and even death.

We came out of the closet with them, at least I did. I remember sneaking my DVD set of Season 1 into the house and trying my best to keep it out of my parents’ sight. Now, 6 seasons later, I don’t need to hide my copies. Now I only want to build a closet-full of clothes like theirs.

I remember growing up with very few lesbian media icons. There was only Melissa Etheridge, whose music I listened to in all my teenage angst. Then there was Ellen Degeneres whose show, Ellen, I had to watch in vain through a snowy UHF channel. Of course, there were the occasional lesbian flicks that one can borrow from ACA Video namely Rose Troche’s (an L Word director and writer) Go Fish, and L Word‘s own Laurel Holloman’s Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love. I’m sure there’s one or two other lez films I saw as I was growing up a lesbian teenager in Manila but I forget the other titles.

Now, baby dykes are lucky to have something like The L Word to help them feel more confident about themselves, something that will make them feel more accepted, something that will reassure them that they are not sick, that they belong, that they can be loved and accepted and be productive, responsible, successful and happy members of society.

Am I sad that the show has finally ended? Yes. But I know too, that the best shows are the ones that leave you with memories and lessons that enrich your life. It’s the one that made you laugh out loud, cry and sob in cathartic relief, grit your teeth in anger, cringe in your seat, or sometimes, like in this case of The L Word, wet your knickers.

It doesn’t matter if the show has aired it’s final episode last March. Thanks to technology and its various forms, The L Word will continue to play on and continue to awaken senses, question and shake traditional notions about what the norm is, and in many ways more than one, challenge society’s many misconceptions about how other people live and love.

Currently watching Top Chef Season 4 and I’m psyched!!! There’s a lesbian couple, Jennifer Biesty and Zoi Antonitsas, who are competing against each other. Cooking couple? Let’s see if this will make or break their relationship. They’ve been together for three years, and as far as I know, tension and pressure can make or break a relationship. What more being on TV for millions to watch, under extreme pressure, and heavy competition? It surely can’t get more interesting than that. 😀

Now my Wednesday nights, which were left empty by the end of Project Runway Season 4, will now be devoted to TC4. [Watch 2nd Avenue, Channel 19 on SkyCable.]

Aside from this lez couple, there’s also a Fil-Am on board competing for the title “Top Chef.” Awesome! 🙂 Dale Talde seems to be a strong player. However, in this first episode I’m watching, he’s included in the cook off group. Hmm. Let’s see how he fares.

Ooh! My gaydar tells me there’s another lez on the show! Hmm… Let me see if my suspicions are correct about Lisa Fernandes. Teehee.

What rouses you?

Lunduyan ng Sining Presents:

April 13. 8.30 pm. Magnet Katipunan.

featuring a rousing lesbian play by Sipat Lawin Ensemble

“To Heat You Up and Cool You Down”

Two women working in a bar and their thoughts coming to life: Memory, Lust, Adaptability, Imagination/ Desire and Planning/ Habit mechanism.

With steamy performances by:

and more!

EF 150 with one free drink

I love to eat and I love to cook. If I can do my life all over again, I’d go to college and then culinary school soon after — not law school or graduate school. In fact, I’m such a foodie that I happily watch cooking shows all day (and night!), take photos of practically every new dish at every new resto I go to, and constantly find myself with a Personal Search for the Food of the Month. 

I must say that the way to this lesbian’s heart is through her stomach. My partner and I love trying out new restos and experiment much with cooking. I’ve begun calling my partner, Lia, Cookie Monster because she makes The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies ever! [Hmm, come to think of it, I should be called Cookie Monster.]

But what’s making me excited right now (aside from the promise of a wonderful breakfast tomorrow and chocolate chip cookies at the end of the month — both made by Cookie Monster) are the hot hot hot lesbian chefs who are making it big in the food industry. There’s something very attractive about women who thrive in such a male-dominated, competitive, and intense environment. And there’s something extremely sexy about women who use their hands in creating masterpieces in the kitchen. Plus, food is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Who said men are the only ones who can light up the kitchen fires, cook up a storm, and heat up your TV sets?

Here are my favorite lesbian chefs (who can work their way into my heart through my stomach any day!):

Susan Feniger of Two Hot Tamales

Cookie Monster and I used to watch Susan Feniger’s cooking shows with Mary Sue Milliken back in the late 90’s. Susan Feniger paves the way for other tough kitchen lez girls First it was Two Hot Tamales then Tamales World Tour. We used to speculate that they were a couple but Mary Sue once brought her kids to the show so I figured she wasn’t gay. She was too straight to be gay, I said. Instead, I decided that they weren’t a couple but that Susan was in love with oh-so-straight Mary Sue who could only see Susan as her business partner. Of course, these were all fangirl silliness.

Mary Sue and Susan have been business partners for decades, having put up a couple of restaurants together and collaborating on many cookbooks. I don’t know if they still have a TV show presently being aired but I sure can’t forget how Susan would slice those habaneros with her silver-cuff and rings adorned wrist and fingers. I didn’t know if the food was hot because of those chilis or the chef!

She’s a bit older now but I’d say she somehow paved the way for those tough kitchen chicks gracing our screens now.

Susan Feniger will be opening Street, her new resto in Los Angeles this March. 


Cat Cora of Iron Chef America

What could be hotter than a determined and competitive Greek chef who can manage to prepare six dishes under an hour made up of a yet-to-be-known ingredient? And oh, still have enough time for a shot of some Greek alcoholic drink? Cat Cora

Chef Cat Cora is one hot momma who gives us another reason to love anything Greek. Even before watching Mamma Mia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I was already in love with Greek food. When Cyma opened in Manila, I just knew I was hooked on Greek food. But when I saw Cat Cora on A Chef’s Story… ayayay!

She said in the interview that she was a French-trained chef but decided to pursue Greek cooking instead. I mean, really? How can she not? Besides, there are already a number of French-trained chefs all around and a multitude of different flavors and cuisines that need to be introduced to the rest of the world, like Greek cuisine. Her appearance at Iron Chef America and stature as the only Female Iron Chef put not only Greek cuisine on the forefront but also showed the world that women can be just as good in the highly-competitive and stressful gourmet kitchen environment.

Interestingly, Cat Cora blogs in her website about her and her wife Jennifer’s back-to-back pregnancies. They will be expecting their third and fourth children this April and July. Of course, she is carrying Jen’s embryo and Jen is carry her embryo so it’s pretty much like surrogating. 

Cat Cora makes me want to say, “I want a big fat Greek wedding with you.”


Lynn Crawford of Restaurant Makeovers

Now this woman really turns me on. She’s tough, she’s driven, and she’s passionate. As one of the chef hosts for Restaurant Makeover and Executive Chef for many Four Seasons Hotels, Lynn Crawford is my favorite power butch. Hahaha.Lynn Crawford can makeover MY kitchen anytime! ;)

But seriously, I find her passion for bringing out the best in other chefs and helping them improve their game really inspiring. She’s 43, rides a motorcycle, and has tattoos on her hands. She just made white chocolate ganache doughnuts with cappuccino gelato in the Restaurant Makeover episode I just saw. Anyone who can create a chocolate dessert gets an A in my book.

There’s something hot about soft butch tinkering around in the kitchen and making dessert. It’s like that someone can be gentle and rough at the same time. *wink wink*

And based on this interview, she doesn’t kiss and tell.